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One Year Later

Craig Hogan | February 21, 2023

One Year Later


We’ve been negotiating on behalf of clients since 1996. However, in February of last year, our goal to launch our group officially as a “respected broker and player” in the luxury market for Chicago took off. Not only did we launch our new site filled with the abundant listing, market data, and video content necessary but we did it in a bigger way than we set out. In less than nine months we had reached an astonishing 845% growth in traffic. Today that number has doubled. Our confidence was high so our big undertaking was to feature 10 Chicago neighborhoods that are the focus of our business. With 77 official neighborhoods in our city, you have to focus. Everything else would follow that piece. Now our video content features property and lifestyle and data with many reaching view levels we used to see with others that we followed. Video is firmly in place as the #1 method of communication in real estate and we are sharing our message 24/7 for potential clients to get a feel for their next chapter. Just check out our “playlist” on video and see what we are doing.

Our marketing efforts have reached a new level as well. While others have pulled back we have increased our efforts on every front. We have expanded print, social, digital, and video plans for every listing and opportunity we have to share. The sun never sets on our listings regardless of where they are in the world. Just yesterday a broker attended a first-look event we held and had a live chat with clients in Dubai that had seen our new listings online!  With a dedicated team in place for marketing, video content, and social media we’ve never been in a better position to make the sale or purchase process better for all involved.

Learn more about us and why we may be the fit you’ve been looking for to assist you in the next chapter of your journey.

With the power of a global brand behind us and nearly three decades of experience on our side, we continue to offer an evolving and robust set of resources and tools designed to help elevate our game as respected brokers in our marketplace. One year later and gaining momentum every day. Reinvention can be a daunting task for anyone so if you’re doing the same on any front we share this. Pay no attention to the noise. To those who insist that they know how it’s done. To old thinking.

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