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The Ava: Sustainable Luxury Living in Puerto Vallarta

Craig Hogan | October 28, 2022

The Ava is one of Puerto Vallarta’s most desirable developments, where luxury and sustainability meet, creating perfect harmony.

Nestled into the Sierra Madre mountains with some of the most breathtaking views Puerto Vallarta has to offer, The Ava is everything you could want and more. Encompassing luxury and the Puerto Vallarta lifestyle, The Ava is an exciting opportunity for those looking to get in on Real Estate investment in Puerto Vallarta. While there are plenty of developments to choose from around Banderas Bay, and downtown Puerto Vallarta in particular, The Ava offers something most others cannot…sustainability and eco-friendly construction.

With 10 townhouses and 10 residences, The Ava is different from other developments you may already be familiar with. Located in Centro North, its guilt-free, green construction is something to brag about. This sustainability helps The Ava to better blend in with the unparalleled nature, landscape, and lifestyle of Puerto Vallarta, making it a wise choice for those looking to invest in Puerto Vallarta. These units also come with a unique range in floorplans and layouts, breaking away from that cookie-cutter motif we are used to seeing in other developments.

To better understand what we mean by The Ava’s eco-friendly construction, it’s important to point out exactly where we see this sustainability happening. The Ava comes equipped with solar power for common area lighting, limiting energy consumption. Locally sourced, high-quality, low-maintenance materials have been used throughout the entire construction process, from start to finish. Ava’s lighter construction system has helped to reduce environmental impact, as well as the use of forest-certified Cumaru hardwood flooring. This special type of flooring, used throughout the development, in both common areas, townhouses and residences, was consciously curated to ensure minimal effect on the environment; it also creates a great sense of luxury throughout the building. The Ava also boasts a grey water recycling system for irrigation and maintenance, as well as a hydro turbine for energy production and pumped hydro storage.

Sustainable construction is fantastic not only for the environment but for the future homeowners of The Ava. Eco-friendly construction means low HOA fees for owners, which is something I think we can all appreciate. Low HOA fees mean an incredible possibility for return on investment. Whether you are looking to sell your Ava unit down the road or looking to rent it out to vacationers, low HOA fees make this already attractive option even more attractive!

Just because The Ava was built with the eco-friendly buyer in mind does not mean that amenities or quality was lost along the way. If anything, quite the opposite. The Ava has amenities that make it an extremely desirable option for those looking to invest in Puerto Vallarta Real Estate. From the sky bar and infinity pool to the gym and yoga studio, The Ava has it all. Another perk of sustainable living in The Ava? Your very own organic edible community garden is perfect for those with a green thumb. There is also accessible access for all abilities to common areas, a crucial aspect of construction that is often overlooked.

Modernity at its finest, The Ava’s sustainable construction is something incredible, and completely new to the Puerto Vallarta Real Estate market. As we head in the direction of an eco-friendly future, green construction needs to be recognized and applauded. It’s a sign of what’s to come, and to invest now is to really get ahead of the curve. In the case of The Ava, sustainable living in Puerto Vallarta has never been easier. This new and exciting investment opportunity in Puerto Vallarta’s ever-so-popular 5 de Diciembre neighborhood is not one to shy away from. If you’re looking to invest in Puerto Vallarta Real Estate, The Ava is one you should heavily consider. Conscious construction for today’s conscious buyer. And with only four units left, it won’t last long!

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