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A Tale of Two Markets. Emerging Trends on the Horizon

Craig Hogan | February 28, 2024

I Don't Want More Choice; I Just Want Nicer Things!  

- Edina Monsoon

I was honored to be invited to the podcast with JamesEdition to share my thoughts on working in two vastly different markets and what is on the horizon. In this podcast episode, I spent time with JamesEdition's CEO, Eric Finnas Dahlstrom for what I hope you find as an insightful discussion about the vibrant Chicago real estate market and the emerging hotspot of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I was able to share my experience and knowledge of the Chicago market, highlighting its resilience and ongoing evolution. We explored trends shaping buyer preferences post-pandemic, emphasizing the importance of quality design and amenities in urban living. Additionally, I was excited to share insights into Puerto Vallarta's real estate landscape, discussing changing demographics and the growing popularity of fractional ownership models in luxury resort communities.

"It's about crafting lifestyles, not just living quarters.", love it! ❤️

Great takeaways for listeners about the Chicago luxury real estate market 💡

📈 Current trends shaping the Chicago real estate market
An urban renaissance as we see a resurgent interest in downtown living. As people reclaim city centers, the allure isn't just the address—it's the blend of convenience and quality, where even compact living spaces are rich with amenities.

⚖ Impact of the pandemic on buyer preferences and living spaces
Amidst the backdrop of towering skylines, Chicago's buyers seek more than just square footage; they're yearning for excellence and thoughtful design that turns a house into a haven. The pandemic has reshaped our living spaces, with functionality now as critical as aesthetics.

🏦 Potential tax implications in Chicago, including the proposed "mansion tax."
A "mansion tax" looms on the horizon—a concept stirring as much debate as it does concern. Will this potential fiscal shift cool down the market, or is it a necessary step for our city's future?

🗺️ Specific areas of Chicago that are currently hot in the real estate market
From the luxurious Gold Coast to the trendy vibes of Wicker Park, a snapshot of Chicago's most coveted neighborhoods.

🌊 Insights into the real estate market in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Puerto Vallarta's real estate market is catching the eyes of a new generation. Gone are the days when this sunny haven was just for retirees. Now, the 35 to 44 crowd is leading the charge, seeking not only the warmth of the sun but also the warmth of a community that's grown more vibrant with each passing year. As prices rise, so does the allure of this Pacific paradise.

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