Sierra Madre

El Tuito, Cabo Corrientes and Tomatlán are towns located just over an hour’s drive south from Puerto Vallarta on Highway 200 towards the state of Colima, protected within the lush tropical foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountains and within close driving distance from the sea.

Welcome to the Sierra Madre

These towns enjoy stunning mountain views and a quaint Mexican vibe for those looking to purchase property in areas where nature is king. El Tuito is a small traditional Mexican town with just over 3,500 inhabitants located in a lush valley while the areas around Cabo Corrientes and Tomatlán offer many options for sustainable architecture and ecologically conscious developments.

The Area

As the names suggests, the Sierra Madre region stands out for its mountain views and tranquility. Real estate is available in the main towns and villages, in addition to the potential for buying land to build your own properties.


The lifestyle is very laid back, offering a traditional Mexican village lifestyle. There are many ecological projects and ventures here including subsistence farming and eco-communities. You will also find ranches of all kinds and weekend houses like Rancho Primavera and Hacienda El Divisadero.

The Market

The reason most people come to a beach resort destination is not for the mountains. Added to this the fact that a lot of the land area in this region is still in ejidos, it will likely be a good while before we see any kind or real price trends.

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